How to use NodeMCU Module having ESP8266 with Arduino Software

This blog will demonstrate how to use NodeMCU (which is having ESP8266 module on it) with Arduino Software. I am assuming that before trying your hand on this tutorial, you might already have done the basic things on Arduino like Basics of Arduino, Blinking LED or LCD Display etc. If not, please go through those basic tutorial before moving forward. What is NodeMCU or ESP8266 ? The … Continue reading How to use NodeMCU Module having ESP8266 with Arduino Software

LCD Scroll Display on Arduino

If you are here on this site, that means you have started exploring Arduino Board and looking for some help with LCD display. You are exactly at the right place. In this demo, I will show you how to scroll words on LCD display with Arduino Board using LiquidCrystal Library. LiquidCrystal Library is very powerful library and most of the functions are available in the … Continue reading LCD Scroll Display on Arduino

“LED Blinking” Program on Arduino

So, We will learn today the very first program on Arduino which we can say normally like “Hello World” of Arduino. Something like which we learn for the very first time in any of the programming language be it C or C++ or python etc. But hold on, We are not going to print “Hello World” on our Arduino Board , right ?? because we do not … Continue reading “LED Blinking” Program on Arduino